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These loop bands come in a pack of 5 for all fitness levels. The varying resistance makes it the perfect fit for your rehab program whether you’re just starting out, or moving into the advanced stages of your program. These bands can be used on the ankles, above the knees, and around the arms to increase the resistance challenge to any workout!

IPTV Loop Bands are available in multiple  resistance levels, making them a great full-body training option for users of any size and experience level. Cost-effective and easy to use in a home gym / office, the versatility of these quality resistance bands also makes them a wise option for personal trainers or owners of a large-scale training facility, where a full package of bands can easily meet the needs of multiple athletes.

IPTV Loop Bands can be utilized for targeted rehab work, physical therapy, mobility training, or countless everyday exercises to strengthen the legs, glutes, core, arms, back, and more. They’re made from highly durable dipped latex and are particularly optimized for short, limited movements.

Price: $6.95

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